Photos – B. JUANG – Georgia Tech

Murray Hill
An aerial view of Bell Labs Murray Hill where I spent almost twenty years.
My Group at MH
Pretty much my group in 2001 at Bell Labs Murray Hill; I am very proud of the association. Back: me, Yair Shoham, Carl-Erik Sundberg, Bob Kubli, Jim West, Dennis Morgan, Michael Gatlin, Jens Meyer, Peter Kroon, Eric Diethorn, Middle: An-Thor, Chris Faller, Arden Huang, Tomas Gaensler, Jiashu Chen Front: Sean Ramprashad, Gerald Schuller, Oded Ghitza, Frank Baumgart, Jacob Benesty, Gary Elko. Not present: Joe Hall, Mohan Sondhi, Jingdong Chen, Huiling Lou, Kathie Shipley, Mike Brown, Jakub Segan, Michael Potmesil, Kicha Ganapathy


Beijing Speech
Speech at closing of ICSLP 2000, title: Spoken Language Processing Research at the Turn of the Century

Group photo at LRR retirement
A group photo at Larry Rabiner’s retirement dinner (February 2002) Front: Jont Allen, Aaron Rosenberg, David Berkely, Jim Flanagan, Larry Rabiner, Rich Cox, Kathie Shipley, Bishnu Atal, Fred Juang Mid-row: Yair Shoham, Frank Soong, Oded Ghitza, Mohan Sondhi, Juergen Schroeter, Jim West, Peter Kroon, Joe Hall Back: Carl-Eric Sundberg, Gary Elko, Jim Johnston, Jay Wilpon
HMM Team at Bell Labs
Larry Rabiner, me, Mohan Sondhi, and Steve Levinson worked on hidden Markov models closely in the early 80s; picture taken in Larry’s office in 1992 and displayed at Bell Labs lobby in Murray Hill


Dinner for Prof. Fumitada Itakura in 2002
Larry and Suzanne Rabiner, Mildred Flanagan, Prof. & Mrs. Itakura, Jim Flanagan, Dr & Mrs. Frank Soong, Tomoko Matsui, me.


Lunch with Prof. Itakura
Lunch after Prof. Itakura visited Avaya Labs in Basking Ridge; Mohan Sondhi, Wu Chou, Jim West, me, Fumitada Itakura, Frank Soong


Lecturer group who did a seminar in Taiwan in 1986
Frank Soong, Bishnu Atal, Aaron Rosenberg, Larry Rabiner, Nikil Jayant and me at the Grand Hotel in 1986; we just did a very well attended seminar on speech


Wu Chou and me
Wu Chou and me after farewell luncheon in 2002 before I joined Georgia Tech.