Intelligent Collaboration – Introduction


This project plans to investigate and develop technologies that allow acquisition, processing, integration and organization of speech, audio and multimedia information for intelligent collaboration, including interactions, storage, and retrieval. In a collaboration session, the information presented or generated is usually unstructured; for example, a traditional tape recording of a meeting session does not present a clear picture of who said what when, limiting the usability of such information in contexts other than a simple replay. It is very desirable, for retrieval of intelligent information at some future time, to process the session information, particularly speech, audio and acoustics that form the essential transport of knowledge and intelligence, such that information produced by individual sources become accessible for life-like playback or for “source zoom-in” to access individual stream of information, free from other interferences. (….more)


  • National Science Foundation
  • Nippon Telegraph & Telephone (NTT)

Contact: Prof. B.H. Juang,